GM Tower project and aluminium composite panels

Elegant, long lasting and great looking exterior

Every building needs an elegant, long lasting and great looking exterior. For this project we have provided one of the best aluminium composite materials today. How did the project went? Continue reading and find out.


GM Tower project and aluminium composite panelsWhen you're working in construction industry the goal is to work and cooperate with others, make relationships and build amazing buildings. GM Tower project was a project where architects, aluminium cladding company, air conditioning company, waterproofing company and metal fabricators worked all together to create the tallest and one of the most beaufitul CFC clad residental towers in eastern Sydney suburb of Burwood, New South Wales.


Our unique approach

GM Tower is a 25 level building that encompasses retail shops, large commerical floor plates and apartments with elegant finishes. The main construction company of the tower was Urban Apartments Pty Ltd. Company wanted to add a final and elegant touch to the project and the solution they had in mind were aluminium composite panels. Aluminium composite panels are a wall cladding system. Panels are made of two aluminium sheets with a thermoplastic center. The $65 million project could not afford any mistakes and Urban Apartments was looking for a local Sydney based leading company in installing aluminium cladding systems. Over the years we have proudly worked with some of the biggest construction names and projects which according to the main constructor made us a natural choice for the project. The GM Tower project was a very complex project and we worked in several stages. We became a part of the project in August when we started working on the base of the GM Tower. The project was very detailed architecutally and extremly high. As the stages were coming to the end our work became more challenging. At the top of the tower our installers worked from a box held by the crane. We have a great reputation for excellence in supply and delievery of specialist aluminium composite panels and this project was not an exception. Our unique approach, completing both fabrication and installation allows us to provide very unique and customisable cladding system solutions. Besides that we use approved installers and deliver high quality external and internal wall cladding product, guaranteeing 100% quality installation of all our cladding systems. Thanks to the proffesionalism and the great outcome of installing the cladding system the client and the architect were so happy that they have decided to add even more aluminium panels to the project. As mentioned before installation process began at the bottom of the building. Aluminium panels were first installed arround the windows in order to ensure the adequate spacing and alignment. Key plum lines and clips were installed so placing and lining of aluminum panels was much easier as the installation of panels became higher.


Aluminium composite panel available in 30 colors

On the GM Tower we installed one of the best exterior cladding panels available today - Alfrex non - combustible aluminium compsite panels. Alfrex is an aluminium composite panel (ACP) that uses non - halogen material as the core material. As such, it is an environmentally firnedly construction material that does not generate toxic gas in the case of a fire. Alfrex aluminium composite panel has no limitations with length, shape and size of panels. It comes in 30 standard colors but it is possible to customize the color to match the aluminium panels with your brand and project image.


Lightweight, corrosion resistant, beautiful look

Aluminium composite panels were a perfect choice for GM Tower. They are lightweight, they have a natural corrosion resistance, they give a beautiful look and they can match any color you want to match your brand and project image.


With consistent performance throughout the building and construction industry, our determination, approach and reputation is evident in our past and present projects and GM Tower project was not an exepction. What sets us high among the competition and what makes our main success is our 15 years long tradition in delivering nothing short of satisfaction for all our clients. Among the aluminium cladding system specialization we relish in detailed and architecturally complicated projects where we can assist architects and clients to get top finishes.


If you are looking for specialized aluminium cladding systems or if you need consulting services about one contact us!



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